NEWS: In May 2015, Mia Weiner opened a new public gallery, Pinacoteca, located in Bantam (Litchfield) CT. On display are a mix of old masters and 19th-21st century paintings and drawings with, as always, an emphasis on Italian art. The gallery is open Fri-Sun, 1:30pm - 6:30pm, or by appointment, and is located about 100 yards from the very tony and very delicious Arethusa al tavolo restaurant. More details about the gallery are available at Pinacoteca.us.

Mia Weiner has been in the business of selling old master drawings and oil sketches since 1979 and has regularly held exhibitions in New York since then. She was the forerunner in America of private old master drawings dealers and the first to publish a comprehensive web site of Old Master Drawings. Until 1994 she mounted exhibitions in her private New York gallery, sometimes theme orientated such as Regarding the Antique as well as Emilian Drawings 16th - 18th Century, the latter coincided with a paintings exhibition of the same subject at the Metropolitan Museum. She has participated in a number of international fairs since 1990, in New York, London and Parma. Several of these fairs she helped to organize; many times she served on their vetting committees. She also served for a number of years on the board of the Art & Antique Dealers League of America. Presently she exhibits every January as part of Master Drawings in New York.

Included among Mia N. Weiner's clients are many European and American Museums as well as private collectors. Her first significant discovery, a rare and large sheet by Paris Bordone, was acquired by the British Museum in 1979. Many subsequent discoveries have been well placed including drawings by Barocci, Bernini, Annibale Carracci, Cigoli, Pietro da Cortona, Guercino, Mola, Passarotti, Preti, Reni, Ribera, Rembrandt, Tanzio da Varallo, and both Zuccari, for example. Other important discoveries can be viewed at the present web-site, such as the antiquity-inspired Perino del Vaga, the beautiful Biliverti, the lovely Vanni which along with the Kremserschmidt are preparatory studies for extant altarpieces, the Raffaellino da Reggio likely a study for a frescoed scene, the intriguing Sicilian Lear landscape, and the seemingly spontaneous study by Creti of Hagar and the Angel. Other significant findings include drawings by Natoire, Brebiette, Gatti, Bernini, G.B. Tiepolo, Salviati, Perino, Veronese, for example, are presently available and in stock.

Though specializing in Italian drawings of the 16th and 17th centuries, Ms. Weiner has always carried interesting and beautiful sheets of other European Schools, primarily from the 15th through 18th centuries. Examples shown here include the design for stain glass by the Swiss Hans Felix Scharer, the monogrammed composition by Asselyn, the group of figure studies by Vernet which might have eventually appeared in the artist's paintings, the lovely Pater which did make it into a painting in the Metropolitan Museum, the striking Girodet mythological drawing, the Ostade which was made into a print in reverse, the beautiful Jan van Kessel nature study, the fantastic Füger which also was painted, and the beautiful Blaas oil studies. It is hoped that this latest edition of what may well be still the most comprehensive web-site of old master drawings for sale, will make many of the present holdings of Mia N. Weiner accessible to both old friends and a new audience. In the event you are looking for a drawing by a particular artist or of a specific subject, please contact us.