Tocco da Casauria 1851 1929 Francavilla al Mare

(Self?) Portrait

oil on linen laid down to card. 93/8 x 73/4" (240 x195mm). signed: F.P. Michetti.

private collection

Franceso Paolo Michetti, dipinti, pastelli, disegni, ehibition catalogue from exhibition at Palazzo Venezia, Rome, 1999, Electa Napoli. See Fondazione Michetti....Claudio Strinati???? wrote intro but many authors.

In 1868 Michetti traveled to Naples to study at its well-known academy. Within a year however, he returned to the Abruzzo region preferring real life to the School. Michetti exhibited soon after at the Paris Salons of 1872 and 1875, but he also belonged to Scuola di Resina, a group of Neapolitan painters that aimed to bring Italian art into Europe's mainstream. Abruzzo was his emotional and aesthetic inspiration. He captured its people, animals, and local events in emotionally charged paintings with luminous colors and vibrant light. In 1883 Michetti purchased a convent as his home and studio. For the next twenty years, the convent was a meeting place for Abruzzo's artists and exponents of culture, including writer Gabriele D'Annunzio. Michetti's 1895 Daughter of Iorio inspired D'Annunzio's 1904 tragedy, for which Michetti designed the sets and costumes. From 1872 onward, Michetti also produced small, decorative clay sculptures. After a lukewarm response to his paintings at the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris, he abandoned painting, sold his studio, and generally lived as a recluse. from Getty page.