Erfurt 1814 1889 Berlin

View by a Road in Ariccia

107/8 x 173/8" (275 x 440mm). signed l/l Ferd: BellerMann. inscribed l/r Ariccia von 2 Septbr 1853. inscribed on the verso 1674 and 654.

Prof. Steffi Roetgen, Munich.

This attractive landscape drawing is happily signed and dated. The artist, Ferdinand Bellermann, was one of many German artists who went to Italy not only bask in the sun's warmth and ancient culture but to draw and paint the stunning landscape. Ariccia, Tivoli, Albano, indeed the Campagna around Rome, comprised their picturesque stomping grounds. Many of the German artists congregated in a small hilltown called Olevano; today a small museum there exhibits their work.

In this particular landscape, contemporary life plays a part, however trivial, in the presence of a likely mother and daughter under an ancient arch now serving as a shelter, perhaps awaiting the arrival of a carriage to take them to town or a market. Behind them are some large stones fallen from the same ancient Roman building as ceded the arched shelter. The large, grand trees are of the type that were frequently depicted by German artists of Bellerman's period and earlier, most particularly Rheinhart.

The previous owner of this drawing is a well-known and much respected art historian.