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1693 Amsterdam 1775

A trio of Landscapes with Classical Buildings

two are 33/8 x 29/16" (85 x 65mm) and the third is 51/4 x 67/8" (135 x 175mm). the one with 2 figures is monogrammed LFDB and dated 1750, the third is dated 1753.

private collection, NJ

These small yet charming watercolors are monogrammed drawings in which the subtle colors and variations in blue have amazingly remained intact. The scenes of Antique imagery are engaging in the stylish classical manner of the Dutch in the 18th century. Dubourg has depicted a vision of gentle people of leisure, dressed in Antique garb, lounging about without a care, enjoying their perfect surroundings. Such a calm and contemplative vision was meant to be enjoyed by the well-to-do, especially those living in the cities of Northern Europe who were infatuated with antiquity.

Dubourg was an historical painter and his works can still be seen at the Westerkerk, and the New Church at Amsterdam. Despite having painted beautiful works, he turned to engraving instead, executing pretty vignettes and other small compositions as well as a number of plates from his own designs. He was a scholar of several influential Dutch artists like Lairesse and he collected pictures and drawings. These were sold in Amsterdam in 1776.1

all biographical information was taken from Wikipedia.