Hartford 1943 — - -

Temple at Paestum

watercolor. 91/2 x 121/8" (240 x 310mm). signed l/r: R. Piccolo, Paestum 2001

Paestum is in the province of Salerno in the Campania, off the Tyrrhenian coast. It was a major ancient Greek city. Three ancient temples in the Doric order stand, ca 600-450 BC.

Richard Piccolo has lived in Italy for most of his life. He did not return to live in the States after studying there. He resurrected an old farm house in the hills of Monte Acuto in Umbria in the 70's and has maintained studios both there and in Rome. He has taught and been the director of the Pratt School of Art in Rome for decades. Still he did exhibit in California for many years and executed murals in private homes there. He also exhibited extensively in NY. As a professor in Rome, he frequently takes classes to historic sites in Italy. This beautiful work was done on one such occasion.