Brescia 1785 — 1849 Galbiate

The Family of the Artist

watercolor. 8 1/4 x 10 3/8" (21 x 26.3 cm). signed and dated within the artwork on a son's slateboard: Pietro Anderloni fece. 1832 and inscribed under the artwork, La Famiglia dell'Autore, likely by the artist.

After being trained by his elder brother, Faustino, Anderloni worked under Giuseppe Longhi whom he later succeeded as professor of engraving in Milan. A skilled (he had received a gold medal for his work in portraiture) and prolific engraver, Anderloni is best known for his many engraved reproductions of works of the Renaissance, including the Vatican frescoes of Raphael.1 For these works he is considered one of the best of the 19th century engravers. His work is found in the British Museum, in the Metropolitan Museum (after Titian), Harvard Art Museums, etc., works after not only Raphael but Gaudenzio Ferrari, Poussin, and others.

This charming work of the artist's family is an intimate view of Anderloni's domestic life. His affection for his family is palpable and his technique is superb. Such familial works, though not usually of the artist's family but rather painted as a commission, were typical of Victorian mores which prized family highly. Also highly valued were those things indicated by chapter headings in the open book being read aloud by Madame Anderloni: della Speranza , lezione prima, and della Preghiera, lezione seconda, ie. Hope and Prayer.


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