Ortelle 1863 — 1941 Naples

Outdoor Pleasures (formerly called Fattoria )

pastel. signed and dated l/l: G Casciaro 21 Ag. 93. 65/8 x 13" (17 x 36 cm.)

private collection.

According to the date inscribed by the artist of '93 upon this scene of summer pleasure, Casciaro was 33 when he created it. Already unparalleled in his use of pastel, Casciaro evokes a summer's day enjoyed out of doors by men and women, together and alone. The exuberance of their movements conveys their enchantment as they dance under the trees or enjoy a kiss. Others relax in the shade of some nearby buidings.

Casciaro studied with both Domenico Morelli and Filippo Palizzi. He soon became one of the illustrious circle of artists in Naples around the turn of the 20th century which included Gemito, Mancini, Michetti, and Pratella.

Casciaro dedicated his art to landscape, primarily that of his beloved city and its environs. His views are distinctively personal and usually executed in his preferred medium of pastel, sometimes mixed with oil. He also worked just in oil, but rarely. He was regarded during his lifetime as the unparalleled pastellist. His works were exhibited in Italy and abroad (Paris) and he was made honorary professor at the Academies of Fine Art of Naples, Urbino and Bologna. He was a collector as well whose collection of art was well-known until dispersed after his death. His own works were kept in large part off the market until fairly recently.